Glacial erratics in snow, Olmsted Point, Yosemite National Park, California 1988

Here is another newly scanned image from 4×5 film.  The film was exposed using a Wista 4×5 Metal Field camera in 1988.  It is about time I brought it out of “moth balls!” I made this image during a late fall snowstorm.  Soon afterward, the road was closed and I headed down to my home […]

Stones and Reflections

I made this image yesterday on my patio.  The water reflects my ochre-colored wall.  I have been watching the light for when the stones and water were in shadow but the wall remained lit.  I was trying to find a good composition with a single frame but it wasn’t working.  So, used the shift function […]


I am a collector.  I have shells, rocks, tree bark and more in boxes  and drawers that I look through now and again for the memories and possible photographs.  I also have salsify seedheads that I have saved from summers past. Last month, I pulled out my handy piece of black velvet on my table […]

Happy 2010 / Best of 2009

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”500″ width=”585″ quality=”best” bgcolor=”#ffffff” wmode=”opaque” fvars=” paramXMLPath = ; xmlDataPath = ” base=”.” /] Many years ago, when I was involved with Ansel Adam’s workshops, I was fortunate to hear lectures by many master photographers.  One of them was Jerry Uelsmann, who became a friend and mentor.  During his lectures, he […]

Monterey Bay Sunrise

This photograph was made at sunrise overlooking Monterey Bay from Point Pinos.  I used my Singh Ray Vari-ND filter to use a slow shutter speed so the surf would be blurred.  Check out info on this filter here:  Singh Ray Vari-ND filter I hope you enjoy this one!  You might enjoy seeing my portfolio from […]

New photos from the coast

Last week, my family and I traveled to the Monterey coast for a short vacation.  I returned to one of my favorite subjects there – the endangered Monterey Pines.  Very fortunately, there was  thick fog that makes this subject so appealing to me.  This image is made of three frames, Merged to Panoramic in Photoshop. […]

Two Lilies in the Rain

On Sunday, we had rain.  Unusual for August.  Here is an image from the many frames I made.  Given the brown and dry surroundings of my backyard, I enjoyed this lushness! Starting September 2: Inspiring Nature Photography:  The Essentials (four week course) I hope that you are enjoying the new blog!  Tomorrow I have another […]

Mid-day Blues

Last Friday, my family and I went to Drake’s Beach at Pt. Reyes.  For various reasons, mostly that we were going to hang at the beach with the cousins, we were there in the middle of the day.  I brought my camera out to the beach in case something caught my eye, not really expecting […]

The Cloud

Last Thursday, I stepped outside my office and noticed this cloud. For the first time I can remember, I saw the subject in terms of a final BW result, envisioning a “red filter” effect of a black sky. The conversion from color to was made in Photoshop CS4 using a Black and White adjustment layer, […]

Sierra Impressions

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped here at an overlook of the Sierra just beyond Oakhurst. Using my Singh Ray Vari-ND, I created this Impressions image. I added contrast and color saturation since the blurring process “softens” the separation of tones. Also, I just finished my OP column for October’s issue. Posted the image for the column […]

Magazine Interview, Outdoor Photographer column…

I recently did an interview with a British magazine called DSLRUSER. Here is the interview online. Interview Also, Outdoor Photographer recently posted my latest On Landscape column. They have cut back on the number of columns per month – down to 3 per issue. I used to write monthly, now down to 3-4 per year. […]

Lines and Edges

This morning, I made this image in my studio using window light.  My assistant John challenged me to make a new image for posting here, which is a good thing since I haven’t photographed much lately.  So I pulled out this stone I collected many years ago.  As I photographed, I played with how the […]

Waterfall Ripples

Yesterday afternoon, I finally made some new images. I didn’t have far to go. My backyard waterfall flows over this wonderful Yosemite slate, which is the source of color here. In the sunlight, the patterns form graphic little waves. I think that it is very important to bracket your shutter speeds when photographing moving water. […]

Back up your backups…

I was reminded of the great importance of having backups. John was looking for this image above, but only found an empty folder. No master file, no sized files for printing. Couldn’t find it on any of my drives. I did find the files in my old tape library backup system, so I had them […]

Twitter, Facebook and social networking…

I wish I had new images to share, but I don’t! Unusual for me. But I have been busy! Teaching BetterPhoto classes. John is redesign my web site. Looking fabulous… I am also writing captions for my next ebook, a collection of Yosemite images with extended captions and location info, including the Washburn Point image […]