Yosemite Waterfalls

I am posting one of the waterfall photographs that I took on Mother’s Day in Yosemite.  It was raining as I photographed.  Using my Tilt Shift lens, I exposed three frames that I later stitched together using Photoshop CS5.  You might also enjoy seeing other panos in my Panoramic Portfolio on my web site. This […]

Calla Impressions

I continue to edit my Cally Lily images.  I made a few new Impressions of Light images.  Here is one of them.  Would love to hear your comments! Cheers,   Bill I haven’t had time to fully edit my Yosemite images from last weekend.  Soon, I hope! Impressions of Light – Deluxe Edition Impressions of Light […]

Calla Lilies again…

Here is another image in my new Cally Lily series, this one from the third day of this setup.  As with the previous image, this photograph was made with Photomatix, this time with seven exposures.  The morning sun is coming through my window from the upper left hand corner.  I first saw this lighting effect […]

Purple Plum Blossoms

Yesterday afternoon, and early this morning, I took about 550 frames of my purple plum trees which are in bloom.  I know about quality over quantity, but this is what happens when I get excited making Impressions of Light images! I have barely started editing, but found this one to share.  Below you can see […]

Winter Ice

On Sunday morning, I discovered these great ice patterns in my bucket of landscape pebbles.  The “bucket” is a rectangular cement mixing bucket which I bought when I was building my waterfall feature on my back patio 9 years ago.  At the time, I noticed how vivid the stones were when wet, and started an […]

Spring impressions…

New photo! I made this image yesterday evening.  My purple plums are just started blooming, so out comes the camera!  I used my Canon 90mm TS lens with two Canon 2x extenders.  It’s a bit like have a Lensbaby, and I could play around with focus point and blurring the background.  The image was made […]

Painted Bark

John and I have been working on more scans from my 4×5 film archive.  It has been rewarding to finally make use of these images, but also frustrating to see how many good images are languishing in my filing cabinets.  I have also been placing new images on my Facebook Fan page.  I look forward […]

Foggy sunrise

Here is another image from Monday morning.  I took seven frames, each one stop difference, and my assistant John assembled them using Lightroom and Photomatix’s Lightroom plugin (http://www.hdrsoft.com/).  This was taken with my Canon 16-35mm as the sun rose through the fog.  The tree behind the big oak were heavily tilted due to the convergence […]

After the storm…

Yesterday we had a wonderful morning of fog after the night’s rain storm.  I have driven by this location many times in the past, made note of its potential, and finally got myself over there after the morning’s usual parental duties!  Unfortunately, I started out with the wrong lens so I lost some good light […]

Horsetail Falls

Last week, I need to make a run to The Ansel Adams Gallery to deliver prints.  I timed the drive so I could check out Horsetail Falls at sunset.  There was some nice light early on, well before sunset, and then clouds came in so it looked like a bust.  But the water lit up […]

The bark of a Gumbo Limbo tree, Everglades National Park, Florida

The bark of a Gumbo Limbo tree, Everglades National Park, Florida Photographed in 1992 with a Wista 4×5 Field Camera John and I continue our efforts to scan film in my files. Here is an old favorite, never scanned or printed before.  I must credit Eliot Porter for the inspiration as I first learned of […]

Dune Pattern and Storm Clouds, Death Valley National Park, California

Dune Pattern and Storm Clouds, Death Valley National Park, California  1983 Photographed in 1983 with a Wista 4×5 Field Camera Last week, when a client asked me to show him some dune images, my eyes lit up.  I happily sent him a selection of jpgs to review.  This process got my memory in gear and […]

Agave in Color

I am posting the color rendition of my Agave, Hawaii photograph.  I am very pleased with both versions. Do you prefer one over the other?  I am leaning towards the BW version, but still love the rich color and strong contrasting lines seen here. Enjoy!   Bill The William Neill Store By Nature’s Design

New BW Agave image…

Here is a newly scanned 4×5 image of an agave taken on Maui in 1994.  We are working on both color and BW versions, and found many compelling directions.  Thanks to John O’Connor for the great scanning and PS work.  Stay tuned for more variations.  I think that there is an article to write about […]

Happy 2010 / Best of 2009

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.williamneill.com/portfolios/best-of-2009/loader.swf” height=”500″ width=”585″ quality=”best” bgcolor=”#ffffff” wmode=”opaque” fvars=” paramXMLPath = http://www.williamneill.com/portfolios/best-of-2009/param.xml ; xmlDataPath = http://www.williamneill.com/portfolios/best-of-2009/images.xml ” base=”.” /] Many years ago, when I was involved with Ansel Adam’s workshops, I was fortunate to hear lectures by many master photographers.  One of them was Jerry Uelsmann, who became a friend and mentor.  During his lectures, he […]

This month’s Featured Print / Holiday Offer

Half Dome after winter storm, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California 2008 ORDER BY DEC 17 TO RECEIVE BY CHRISTMAS! This month’s Featured Print is “Half Dome after winter storm, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California 2008” shown to the right. The Special Edition photograph is an archival inkjet print, sized to 9″ x 6″ […]

Learning Loop…

I first started my Impressions of Light series because I was inspired by some of my BetterPhoto.com students.  I began my making single frame exposures with camera motion.  That was many years ago.  This fall, I am teaching a very talented group of students, and several are using Multiple Exposure techniques with excellent results.  So […]