Fine Print Offer from The Ansel Adams Gallery

I am happy to let you know about a new Fine Print offer just announced by The Ansel Adams Gallery.  I have been honored to be the first artist for this exciting new series among the elite group of photographers represented by the Gallery.  Two of my recent images are being offered at an exceptional […]

Hosta Leaves, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 2011

Last week, I was in the Toronto area with my family for a wedding.  I brought along my camera and a few lenses in case I found inspiration.  Staying at our  family’s home,  I took a short walk about their property on a drizzly day.  I am not sure if these plants are hosta, or […]

Dogwood blossoms and the Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California 2011

Here is my favorite image from  Saturday May 7th in Yosemite. The dogwood were beautiful, and I had a blast! More to come!  I posted this image on FB earlier but loaded the wrong jpg. Enjoy, and please give me your feedback!  Bill

New Morning Light Image – Spring Oak, Coarsegold, California 2011

This morning, I photographed a wonderful spreading oak tree with brilliant morning sunlight.  Since the contrast was strong and I was aiming into the sun, I made seven exposures with .5 stops between frames.  After importing the files in Lightroom, I applied the Lens Correction for my Canon 16-35mm zoom, then exported to Nik HDR […]

Happy Earth Day! / Buckeye and Oaks, Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, California 2011

Happy Earth Day!  Today is a day to honor the beauty of our Earth, and reflect upon how we can live our lives that will best preserve this sacred creation we live on.  In 1976, I received a BA in Environmental Conservation from the University of Colorado.  I look back and sometimes wish I have […]

Pear Blossoms, Coarsegold, California 2011

Here is a newly processed image, made in March, from the same Coarsegold, CA location I’ve earlier posted on my blog:  I made the image above with low-angle sunlight on the first morning, then returned the next morning when the light was flatter.  Below is the image from the second morning.  Which one do […]

Landscapes of the Spirit – Spring Snow and Reflections, Coarsegold, California 2011

Last Friday, I drove my daughter to school in a spring snowstorm.  On my way home, I stopped at a favorite pond.  The flakes fell furiously, with that silent energy of falling snow.  The meadow and oaks were white, the landscape simplified like a black and white etching.  I used my 24-105mm to capture a […]

Editing recent photo sessions…

I am trying to catch up with processing all the images I’ve made in the last few months.  It has been a very productive time for me! Here is one taken on February 2o. I have already posted another image from this session, but I made a quick edit initially so I felt the need […]

New Morning Light image – Buckeye, Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, California 2011

I have lived in the Sierra for 33 years, and I have always been thrilled when seeing the first buckeyes popping out in early spring.  The leaves come out so fast that I have never caught that moment I have enjoyed for so many years.  The bare branches of these small trees often have wonderful […]

Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California 2011

Last week, I was in Yosemite Valley delivering a print to The Ansel Adams Gallery. On my way home that afternoon, I stopped to check out Horsetail Falls.  Although I didn’t photograph, the falls was very full and gorgeous in shiny, Black and White lighting.  In fact, early March is my favorite time for Horsetail.  […]

Foothills and Winter Storm, Table Mountain, California 2011

This past week, I made around 700 exposures at a favorite location where the plains of the Central Valley meet the Sierra foothills near Fresno.  The conditions were spectacular as the recent winter storms came and went, billowing clouds and beams of sunlight. Here is one of my new Impressions of Light images.  I am […]

Calla Leaves, Ahwahnee, California 2011

For the past couple of months, I have been watching this calla plant growing in my living/dining room area.  The light comes through two different windows to light the leaves to various effect.  This past Sunday, I finally saw a composition worth setting up for.  I hung up my black piece of velvet on the […]

My Top Thirteen Images for 2010

I have finally put to together my top thirteen 2010 images, based on reader’s response to my blog and Facebook page. I didn’t make an exact tally, but this is a close summary of the top votes received. Why 13? It’s my lucky number! Thanks to all of you who gave me your feedback! It […]

My Favorite Images of 2010

I am finally posting a selection of my favorite photographs from 2010. Maybe I’ll have to follow the trend and pick the top ten. Please let me know which ones are your favs!  Thanks to all of you who have followed my ongoing adventures in creative photography. Happy New Year,  Bill Salsify Seeds, 2010 Ice, […]

Sunrise Storm Clouds, Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, California 2010

Sunrise Storm Clouds, Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve, California 2010 The morning after I photographed at Conway Summit, I got up early to photograph sunrise on Mono Lake.  I have been photographing the lake since the late 1970s, and my first published photo was for the Mono Lake Committee in 1980, which has been […]

Aspen and approaching storm, Conway Summit, California 2010

Aspen and approaching storm, Conway Summit, California  2010 I have been spending time today catching up with post-processing my images from last weekend.  My style leans strongly towards making detailed and intimate views of the landscape.  Giving the conditions of an approaching Sierra storm, I widened out to include trees, mountains and clouds.  I experienced […]

Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California 2010

Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California  2010 I have been neglecting my blog lately due being too darn busy!  To see my most recent posts and images, also check here:  William Neill Photography Here is a new image, made last Friday afternoon.  It was  simply gorgeous, with amazing clouds over the Sierra peaks […]


I have been watching my crop of sunflowers carefully now for several weeks, observing the flowers closely.  They say timing is everything, and yesterday morning I “harvested” this flower bringing it into my “studio” which in this case was the floor in my dining where there is great window light.   I am growing several […]

William Neill’s Yosemite: Volume One ebook is now available

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest ebook, William Neill’s Yosemite: Volume One. I have compiled 52 of my favorite images created using film cameras. The majority of the photographs were made with my 4×5 view camera, and the exposure dates range from 1977 to 2005. I have lived and photographed in […]

Raising the bar…

Life is full of lessons.  When I went to Yosemite Valley a few weeks ago, as with every spring for 33 years, I tried to create a new dogwood images.  I always gravitate to the same tree where I have made my best dogwood images.  I call it my Home Tree.  I tried a few […]