Landscapes of the Spirit - Digital Edition

Landscapes of the Spirit - Digital Edition

Landscapes of the Spirit - Digital Edition

Photographs by William Neill
Sadhna Press, 2008
Single Page and Double Page Spread Versions for versatile viewing options

$15.00 USD $10.00! Available as Downloadable PDF.
120 pages, 72 Photographs

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Limited quantities of the First Edition Hardbound version still available.



What others are saying:

“William Neill is one of America's leading fine art landscape photographers. I personally find his work to be some of the most compelling that I have seen. His 1997 book Landscapes of the Spirit is an important and beautiful work, but unfortunately has been out of print for years."

"Like many photographers I enjoy viewing and learning from the work of others. About 10 years ago I came across Bill Neill's
Landscapes of the Spirit, and knew that I had found the work of a kindred spirit… Over the years since I have frequently recommended this book to students and other photographers looking for inspiration.
-Michael H. Reichmann,
The Luminous Landscape

"A Great e-Book… This is really a bargain for seeing some wonderful nature photography that will inspire you both in terms of the photography and Bill’s sensitivity to the natural world"
-Rob Sheppard, Editor at Large
Outdoor Photographer Magazine

"It’s pure inspiration."
-John Paul Caponigro

"This book is a feast for your eyes."

-Uwe Steinmueller,
Digital Outback Photo

I am happy to announce the resurrection of my favorite book, Landscapes of the Spirit, in digital form. It has been out of print for many years. When the original book was produced, I had the pleasure of having full artistic control over the selection of photographs and text, and therefore I feel that it is the strongest creative statement of my work available. When the book was published in 1997, there were few books being published where the artist had control of the digital files used for reproduction. Today, I have much greater control over the photographs for Landscapes of the Spirit - Digital Edition. High resolution scans have been made of all images, and master Photoshop files created that bring out their full potential.

From the original file, I added the upgraded image files to the Adobe InDesign master file and created a PDF that contains the complete book, text and images intact. The final result is that I have the same book I love now available for download. The quality of the images really comes to life on screen. I realize that this isn’t the same tactile experience of holding a book in hand, but it is hard to dismiss the vivid quality one can enjoy on screen.

Landscapes of the Spirit - Digital Edition is delivered as two PDF files. One PDF contains single pages, and so is optimized for viewing the individual images, as well as for reading text. The second PDF shows the two-page spreads, allowing you to enjoy the book as it was originally designed. The ebook also offers interaction between each image and the Photo Notes section at the back of the book. Click on an image, and you are taken to the PDF page where the Photo Notes are for that photograph. When viewing the Photographic Notes, simply click on the photograph’s title, and you are linked back to that image in the PDF.

The file sizes of my PDFs have been optimized to preserve the high quality images files, but they don't take any more time to download than an album from iTunes!

To purchase this Digital Edition book, just click on the "Buy Now" PayPal link below for a secure and easy e-shopping transaction, using either a PayPal account (if you have one) or a credit card if you prefer. Upon payment, you will return to a web page with downloading instructions.

Price: $15.00 USD $10.00!

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Special Note: The PDFs have been created for onscreen viewing only. Printing of the book's pages is disabled in these PDFs.

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Landscapes of the Spirit sample spread pg5Landscapes of the Spirit sample spread pg58

Landscapes of the Spirit sample spread Photo Notes

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