Antarctic Dreams - Photographs by William Neill

Impressions of Light - Digital Edition

Antarctic Dreams - Digital Edition

Photographs by William Neill
Sadhna Press, 2015
Single Page iPad/Tablet and Double Page Spread Versions for versatile viewing options

Price: $15.00 $5.00! Available as Downloadable PDF.
115 pages, 79 Photographs

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Available as a hardbound deluxe edition.




I am happy to announce the publication of my new ebook,Antarctic Dreams, in digital form. I traveled to Antarctica in January 2014, and it is rewarding to have finally produced a portfolio of my favorite images. The book was designed in Adobe Lightroom, with file sizes that have been optimized to preserve the high resolution images files. The quality of the images really comes to life on screen. I know that this isn’t the same tactile experience of holding a book in hand, but it’s hard to dismiss the vivid quality one can enjoy on screen.

Antarctic Dreams - Digital Edition is delivered as two PDF files. One PDF contains single pages for viewing on an iPad, tablet, or other digital device and so is optimized for viewing the individual images, as well as for reading text. The second PDF shows the two-page spreads, allowing you to enjoy the book as it was originally designed.

To purchase this Digital Edition book, just click on the "Buy Now" PayPal link below for a secure and easy e-shopping transaction, using either a PayPal account (if you have one) or a credit card if you prefer. Upon payment, you will return to a web page with downloading instructions.

Price: $5.00!

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Special Note: The PDFs have been created for onscreen viewing only. Printing of the book's pages is disabled in these PDFs.

Sample Spreads of Impressions of Light

Impressions of Light sample spread pgs 12-13


Impressions of Light sample spread pgs 68-69

Impressions of Light sample spread Photo Notes


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