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I am pleased to announce a new service we are offering here at William Neill Photography. During the past thirty years of my career, I have always taught photography whether at major workshop programs around the country, through my Outdoor Photographer column, On Landscape, or online through Inspired by Ansel Adams when I worked at his Gallery in Yosemite, I learned from him the great value of sharing knowledge and giving back to the art of photography.

What does it all mean?

My new service gives you the opportunity to have your images critiqued by me via email. I will give you an overall assessment of your images, point out strengths and weakness in each photograph, and offer constructive comments on how to improve each one.

How does it work?

I will write reviews of your images, at a minimum of five photos that you will email to me. I will send to you the sizing specs if you decide to purchase a Photo Review session. I will also send you a questionnaire for you to fill out which will help me know what camera gear and software you use. I will also ask for you to tell me your goals for our session.

Photo Reviews will be completed in the order received. Turn around time will be dependent on my general work schedule (approximately 2 weeks).

What's covered in the Photo Review?

The critiques will include comments about composition, light quality, emotional content, and post-processing. I will address both positives and negatives. I pride myself in being constructive and direct, but I see no need in being brutal in my comments. Each review will range from a few paragraphs to one page long. Should you have questions about my comments, this service allows for dialogue to help you clarify my review if needed.

How much does it cost?

The fee will be $200 for the basic Photo Review package. This Basic Package includes the review of five images. At the time of purchase, you will be able to add up to five images, at $25 per additional photo, for a maximum of ten total per purchase. Payment using either your PayPal account or by credit card. Credit card payments will be processed through PayPal, though no PayPal account is required.

Contact me with any questions you may have about my Photo Reviews. Upon payment, I will send you a questionnaire and details about sending your photos to me.

About William Neill

William has taught photography since 1980 for such prestigious organizations as The Ansel Adams Gallery, the Friends of Photography, Palm Beach Photographic Workshops, Coupeville Arts Center, The Maine Workshops and Anderson Ranch Workshops. He specializes in landscape and nature photography and is concerned with conveying the beauty seen in Nature. Currently, he teaches online courses for William has been writing a regular column, On Landscape, for Outdoor Photographer since 1997.

For more information about Neill's accomplishments, you can find a more detailed bio here.

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Example of a Photo Review

Sandy Porterfield Photo Review

Photo ©2010 Sandy Porterfield

"I like many things about this image. The curve of the shoreline is a strong graphic element that gives the image structure and leads the eye outward to the rock promontory. The clouds add interest and impact. The lighting on the foreground grass, with the shadow behind them set off their shapes.

Did you try any frames aimed lower to emphasis them more. This would also move the point of rock higher in the frame, and more off of center. Where you place the horizon line makes a big difference. By simply raising or lowering your horizon within the frame, you can change the emphasis of the image design. Here, my attention is divided between foreground grass, middle area rock formations, and sky.

Do you remember what aspect inspired you the most? I think it is often good to create a special focus to an image. How else does the viewer know what was special there, what attracted you to the scene. Otherwise, all photos would be mere descriptions of a place, with no reflection of the artist!

It looks like a good place to return to often. In Yosemite, where I have photographed for 30 years, I have locations that I keep going back to looking for new weather and lighting conditions. It really pays off!"

- William Neill

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