One-On-One Workshops

One On One Workshops

I am happy to announce that I will be offering one-on-one instruction here in my studio office. These sessions will be a full day with a one hour break for lunch. The focus of a private lesson is often a great way to quickly advance your technical skills, and improve your creative vision.

What's Covered?

Topics that can be covered include the many ingredients required for making excellent landscape and nature photographs. This includes developing your vision and creativity, field technique, composition, post-processing, editing, fine art printing, and refining the direction of your work. A key feature of our class will be a portfolio review in order to assess your work and discuss areas for improvement and development. I am committed to the sharing spirit of teaching, an example I learned from Ansel Adams. I pride myself in offering constructive critiques and positive feedback on how to improve your photographs.


The one-day sessions will be customized to your instructional needs. You can choose to focus on one aspect such as just post-processing or printing, or we can make the day a full overview of each step of my process from capture to fine art print. Prior to attending, I will require that you email a sample of your work so that I can evaluate your strong and weak points. I will also ask that you include in your email, an explanation of what you hope to accomplish and what areas you’d like to focus on during your private workshop. We can then work together to develop a program suited to your needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your day with me.

One-on-One workshop with Bob Cole

How we work

Over my 16 years of experience with digital photography, I have developed simple tools needed to achieve quality master files and museum quality prints. While there are many ways to accomplish high quality work in Photoshop, I haven’t found the need to concern myself with learning every trick of the digital darkroom. During our private session, I will teach you what I’ve learned over the many years of post-processing and production to achieve high quality work, but this is by no means a “digital darkroom” seminar. Instead, I will offer you the “tools” necessary to critically view your work and recognize what adjustments need to be made to heighten the impact of an individual image as well as an entire body of work.

Maximize your visit with a trip to Yosemite

Since I also offer Private Yosemite Workshops and since I am so close to Yosemite National Park (see below), you can come up to the park for photography, AND take a private studio session with me! I think that many folks could maximize their visit to the area by scheduling a photo field trip to Yosemite Valley, or even to the High Country and Tuolumne Meadows/Tioga Pass/Mono Lake while the Tioga Pass is open (generally from June through October). I will be very glad to provide you with tips and locations for your Yosemite explorations.

I am offering the opportunity to work side by side with me to refine your own images. You will learn from both observation and participation in the process. You will aslo benefit from the digital expertise of my assistant, John O’Connor. These sessions are personalized to your interests and needs. Please contact me at wneill [at] with your questions and for further details!

Dogwood and Merced River


My home studio is located in Oakhurst, California (see below). I am about 30 minutes from the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, and about 1.5 hours from Yosemite Valley. We are also near Bass Lake, the Merced River Canyon and the Sierra National Forest.


Our office is equipped with Apple Mac computers, but the software we use the most – Photoshop and Lightroom - is interchangeable between Macs and PCs so that this aspect of the session is not Mac dependant or specific. For fine art printing, I use a Canon ImagePROGRAF 6100 24” inkjet printer.


The cost of this full day (from 9am to 5pm), private session is $600.00. This fee includes your choice of either Landscapes of the Spirit or Impressions of Light in ebook form, and a proof print of one of your own images produced during our private session.

Payment Options

We will accept payment via: PayPal
Secure Credit Card via PayPal (no PayPal account required)
Check or Money Order

Please send us an email at wneill [at] for more details on signup, and include potential dates for your session. We are not able to book dates beyond 3 months of the current date.

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* $100 minimum deposit required

Attendee's Testimonials:

"My one-on-one workshop day with Bill was the wisest use of my money and time I have made in a long time. I probably learned more about myself as a photographer in that day than ever before. Bill was very professional and took all of the time necessary to work with me on composition, technique, post-processing and "seeing" images. The work we did to produce a fine art print was most enlightening. I can recommend a day with Bill to anyone who really wants to improve as a photographer. Thanks for a great day."
-Ron Lacy

"I’m still on a bit of a high after my experience with you at the On-on-One workshop Friday. The time spent with you and with John gave me much in the ways of affirmation, motivation and a good sense of what makes my stronger images strong and why my weaker images are as such. My introduction to Adobe Lightroom as you guys are applying it was great and to see you process an image from camera to print was awesome. I truly had no idea what goes into a professional image. I’ve taken a number of classes from the web site and have appreciated access to professional feedback, but I have to admit this was a big notch up for me!"
-Rick Hardt

"The Workshop was extremely helpful to me, and was an excellent value. Bill is a terrific teacher, and I learned much from the critique of my prints. I learned how to better-evaluate my work, both from artistic and technical standpoints, and Bill taught me how to identify the small improvements that would help my work reach the next level. The opportunity to see my prints side-by-side with Bill's stunning work was priceless, humbling at times, but ultimately a tremendous confidence-builder. Bill is a gracious host, patient and practical teacher, and a great guy. His assistant, John O'Connor, a fine photographer in his own right, was likewise extremely helpful and gracious. I look forward to doing another Workshop in the future. Highly recommended!"
-Bob Cole

"I’ve long been a fan of Bill’s photography; his prints are stunning. When I found he was giving one-on-one workshops, I jumped at the chance.

Specifically, I wanted to learn how to make large fine-art quality prints from my own digital captures. Bill (and his trusty sidekick John) taught me technique and then demonstrated its effectiveness by working through a couple of my own captures all the way to printing. I was particularly stunned at the results from an old 6 megapixel capture – a beautiful 16x24 print.

As if this wasn’t enough, the workshop included a review of my captures. I received enough feedback on these to keep me busy for months.

Bill Neill’s One-on-One Workshops get my highest recommendation. I know I’ll be back soon for another one."

-Brent Gilstrap

"I want to thank you again for a fantastic workshop..."
-Liza Wei

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the day Friday… I will gladly tell anyone who will listen that a one-on-one day with [Bill] is worth far more than a week in a regular workshop. I really got a lot out of it."
-William Plunkett

Custom tailored one on one workshops with William Neill

Learn Digital Workflow

Capture to Master File

    Basic Field Technique
  • Camera settings
  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Improving sharpness at capture
    Importing to Lightroom
  • Metadata – applying copyright, caption and keywords
  • Editing, rating, labels
  • Prepping RAW file for export to PS
    Processing with Photoshop
  • Analyzing the image for what to enhance, correct, etc.
  • Working with adjustment layers
  • Sharpening/Sizing for output
  • The Master File Workflow

Learn Fine Art Printing with William Neill

From Input to Output

    Color Management
  • Softproofing
  • Using profiles
    Paper surface options
    Evaluating image quality
  • Making adjustments for print
  • How to maximize print quality
  • Enhancing aesthetic value
  • Sharpening for print
    Archival methods for maximizing print life
  • Matting
  • Storage
  • Finishing/Protecting
  • Presentation
    Print evaluation/aesthetics

Develop your portfolio with a Portfolio Review

Image Critique

    Critique/edit of current portfolio
  • Identifying/expanding themes
  • Photographing in themes
  • Critique of individual images
    Editing: technical and aesthetic considerations
  • Learn the skill/process of critically editing your own work
  • Identifying what works, what doesn’t and why
    Presentation options
  • Boxes/Folios
  • Web galleries

About the Instructor

William Neill PortraitWilliam has taught photography since 1980 for such prestigious organizations as The Ansel Adams Gallery, the Friends of Photography, Palm Beach Photographic Workshops, The Maine Workshops and Anderson Ranch Workshops. He specializes in landscape and nature photography and is concerned with conveying the beauty seen in Nature. Currently, he teaches online courses for

For more information about Neill's accomplishments, you can find a more detailed bio here.

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