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Celebrating 30 Years – 1995

Monday, September 15th, 2014

My “Celebrating 30 Years” project moves on to the year 1995.  A few days after Labor Day in 1984, I quit my job as Photographer at The Ansel Adams Gallery, making the leap of faith to start my own business William Neill Photography.  In the process of posting a few images from each year, I am gaining a tremendous perspective on my efforts and successes as my work evolved.  The excitement has built up each time I have searched my massive Lightroom catalog for the next year’s selection.  Below, I have posted eleven images from 1995, and as I do so, I wonder if I will ever have such a spectacular year again!  I was 41, happily married, had been published in four books featuring my work and traveling often to teach workshops.  I was also working on a second book for the Exploratorium Museum and Chronicle Books called The Color of Nature.  My wife and I took to extended camping trips to the deserts of Utah, and to the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park as you can see in the images below.  We also traveled to the east coast, shown by two photographs below taken in Maine.

My favorite photograph, and happily my best-selling fine print is the first image shown below:  Dawn, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada 1995.  Only 15 prints remain in the Limited Edition of 150.

Enjoy, and please add your comments below.  All photographs created with a Wista 4×5 field camera, and 4×5 inch transparency film.

Thanks,  Bill

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Dawn, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada 1995


Sunrise storm clouds, St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana 1995


Rock formations and surf at twilight, Big Sur, California 1995


Trees growing on moss-covered boulders, Baxter State Park, Maine 1995


Autumn Forest, Baxter State Park, Maine


Striated wall of an ice cave, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada 1995


Tangle Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


Pine tree and sandstone cliff, Zion National Park, Utah 1995


Eroded sandstone, Capitol Gorge, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah


Buttes and storm clouds over the Green River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah 1995


Cliffs at Convict Lake, winter, Inyo National Forest, California 1995



River of Light, Virgin River in the Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah 2011

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III__EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM___ISO 100

During my recent trip to Zion, I met up with my friend and former assistant John O’Connor to take a hike up the Narrows of the Virgin River.  We were so caught up with making images of all the wonderful reflections and other canyon details, we didn’t get very far, not even to the Orderville Canyon fork.  Oh well, next time!  Just when we decided to head back down river, I stopped dead in my tracks, in the middle of the river, when I saw these wonderful rapids and reflections.  This image was created with Nik HDR Efex Pro, using five exposures that were each one stop apart.

This river hike reminds of many years ago when I hiked down the Paria River, not photographing much walking downstream.  When turning the opposite direction, I started seeing photographs everywhere!  By the time, I came out of the canyon, it was pitch dark.  It took me about half an hour to find the trailhead parking area.  The image below, made with my 4×5 camera in 1985, became one of my first posters published in the late 1980s, and one of my best-selling fine art prints sold throughout the country by The Nature Company.

Reflections, Paria River, Paria Canyon/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area, Utah 1985

Both photographs were made while standing in the cold rapids.  I used a longer exposure in the 1985 image, and so the reflections are smoothed over like a watercolor wash.  I cropped out the sunlit cliffs above each frame to avoid the extreme contrast and simplify the composition.  The results in both photos focus the viewer on the colors and textures in the river’s water.

I have many more new images to polish up in post-processing, so stay tuned for more from my southwest trip. Next up, slot canyons!

Enjoy, William Neill


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