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August 1st, 2018

William Neill – Photographer: A Retrospective
Introductory Essays by Art Wolfe and John Weller
Size: 295mm x 295mm (11.6 × 11.6 inches)
Pages: 224
Photographic Illustrations: 151
Available: March 2018
Standard Edition:  Suggested Retail is $59.95 USD.
ISBN: 9780993258961


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Outdoor Photographer
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Over the past year and half, I’ve been focused on bringing my retrospective book to life! Pre-order sales were excellent, with books selling in 15 countries, and this past December the UK publisher released the book there and in Europe, in Japan and Austrailia. I will soon have a small number of books for sale, which I’ll be happy to sign and personalize for you. Please see the link below for details, testimonials, and to purchase.


If you would like to read more about my book, I’ve written several articles for The Luminous Landscape and Outdoor Photographer, plus I’ve given an interview with Brooks Jensen of Lenswork magazine.

I began my journey as a serious photographer in 1974 when I purchased my first camera. The earliest image in the book was taken in 1976 and the most recent in 2017 – forty years of photography. Both film captures and digital captures are represented. Sixty-eight photographs were created with a 4×5 view camera using transparency film, eight with a 35mm camera and film, and the remaining seventy-five being 35mm digital captures.

Should you have any comments or questions for me, please send me an email.

Kind regards, William Neill



My book included technical notes, with each photograph showing camera and lens details.








A consummate craftsman, Bill takes photos that deliver the emotional impact of what he felt when taking them—awe at the beauty, plus the high energy of rushing water, a furious wind, or brilliant light… There is wonder all around us; William Neill translates it all into photographic poetry.   –Art Wolfe

William Neill is one of the great landscape photographers of the last hundred years. His images – stunning, haunting, breathtaking, poetic – speak for themselves. There are no words necessary, just admiration. Through, in his own words, “observation and immersion” he has seen and recorded the beauty of the planet. But, more than that, he had captured its spirit. Again and again he shows us “the thread which holds all things together”. This book is an instant classic; truly one for the ages.   – Dewitt Jones

William Neill has been an inspiration to me since my earliest days photographing the American West. His quiet and thoughtful compositions always inspire contemplation and solace.   Guy Tal

During a recent workshop someone asked me about my favorite photographers, and one of the first names that came to mind was my friend William Neill. Bill has been producing consistently beautiful and innovative photographs of nature for decades, and his new retrospective book looks wonderful.   –Michael Frye

William Neill presents photographs that go far beyond mere “pretty pictures.” His work reminds us of our deep connection with the planet, inspires us to seek the beauty of nature for ourselves, and encourages us to see with greater intimacy the beauty that surrounds us wherever nature flourishes.  –Brooks Jensen, Lenswork Magazine



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