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Retrospective book now available to pre-order!

March 10th, 2017
This is the cover for the standard version, 20% during pre-order, available in the Fall.Standard Release Cover, available Fall 2017, pre-0rder 20% off now for only £40 (~$49US)

Greetings from the Sierra Nevada,

I am happy to share with you the pre-order information about my upcoming book. The collection will feature images, many never published before, from my very early years with a camera in the 1970s through four decades including very recent work created in the past year. Photographs included are: from my Antarctica series; an in-depth look at my “landscapes of the spirit” work; a Black and White portfolio; a series of patterns in nature imagery; a portfolio of my impressionistic, camera motion work; and last but not least, an extensive collection of Yosemite photographs.

The book’s release is scheduled for the Fall of 2017. Triplekite, the publisher, is now offering excellent upgrades to the standard hardcover version that are only available through them and only until publication in the fall. Don’t miss out on these very special and limited offers!

William Neill’s much-anticipated retrospective book is now available to pre-order. All books ordered before the general release in the Autumn will come with a limited edition cloth cover with foil embossing – this version of the book will only be available as a pre-order and will not be available once the book is on general release. We are also offering a limited edition slipcase version, plus special edition with one or two signed A3 (12×16 inches) prints. 
All slipcased, limited and special edition books will only be available as pre-orders.

For more information and to purchase, visit Triplekite’s website.

special edition william neill-retrospectivePre-Release edition: Cover: cloth cover, foil blocked, set-in image:
approx 300 Plates: TBC Size: 280mm x 280mm (11×11 inches)
Pre-order book with slipcase £57.50 ($70.00 USD)


William Neill – Photographer, a Retrospective

£49.50£195.00 £40.00£195.00

Released: Autumn 2017

ISBN: 978-0-957 6345-8-9

Release edition: Cover: Hardback cover printed directly with no dust jacket, matt laminated Pages:  TBC Plates: TBC Size: 280mm x 280mm

Pre-Release edition: Cover: cloth cover, foil blocked, set-in image:  approx 300 Plates: TBC Size: 280mm x 280mm (11×11 inches)


Reasons to pre-order:

Name printed in the book

Collectors edition cover

Slipcases and special editions only available until pre order closure

20% Reduced pricing

Pre-order book only  £40 ($49.00 USD)
Retail Price when available in bookstores or online  £49.50 ($60.00 USD)

Pre-order book with slipcase £57.50 ($70.00 USD)


Special Edition with one print £160 ($195.00 USD)

In limited edition slipcase with signed A3 print (12×16 inches) by William Neill

Special Edition A – with ‘Rock, Tree and Waterfall’, Yosemite National Park, California

Special A Rock,-Tree-and-Waterfall,-Yosemite-National-Park,-California

Special Edition B – with ‘Morning Mist Rising’, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

Special B-Morning-Mist-Rising,-Yosemite-Valley,-Yosemite-National-Park,-California

Special Edition with both prints £195 (~$230.00 USD)

Special Edition C – with both  ’Rock, Tree and Waterfall’, Yosemite National Park, California  &  ’Morning Mist Rising’, Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California

To make your purchase, you will see the drop down menu where you can select the options as shown below.

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9 Responses to “Retrospective book now available to pre-order!”

  1. I went to the Triplekite site but there didn’t seem to be any way to add it to a cart, no live links.

  2. Here is a price list with US Dollars amounts:
    Pre-Order Standard Edition………$49.00 USD*

    Pre-Order Book With Slipcase…..$70.00 USD*

    Pre-Order Special Edition A, Slipcase Book Plus
     – With “Rock, Tree and Waterfall” Print……$195.00 USD*

    Pre-Order Special Edition B, Slipcase Book Plus
    – With “Morning Mist Rising” Print……$195.00 USD*

    Pre-Order Special Edition C, Slipcase Book With Both Prints…..$230.00*
    *Based on British Pound to US Dollar conversion on 3/13/2017

  3. If you have any questions about my book and ordering it, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help!

  4. […] Pricing on the publisher’s website, which is based in the UK, is in British pounds. Prices converted for US dollars are on Neill’s website at […]

  5. Neil says:

    I went to the site but shipping was almost as much as the book. Ouch. Is there an alternative purchase method?

  6. Thanks for your question. At this time, sales are only available through the publisher. Later in the year, when the standard book is released to the trade, it will be available through book stores including online.

    It is true that overseas shipping is expensive but not beyond normal postal rates. Direct sales, without the heavy discounts given to distributors or Amazon, allow for a small, independant publisher to create high-quality books centered on creative photographers. We might enjoy reading the publisher’s philosophy:

    Regards, William Neill

  7. David Feindel says:

    As of July 23, says ALL of the pre-order combinations are “out of stock”. That includes standard book, slipcase version, paired with print A, paired with print B, and both prints. Please help!

    • Thanks for your question! As mentioned in more recent posts in my blog, all pre-order options are now closed as of last Sunday. Orders for the standard book will be added back to the publishers site soon. The book won’t be available until Oct at least. You could follow here, or sign up for my e-newsletter. Hope this helps!

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