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Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California 2010

October 27th, 2010

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III__EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM__1/125 sec at f / 16__ISO 400

Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California  2010

I have been neglecting my blog lately due being too darn busy!  To see my most recent posts and images, also check here:  William Neill Photography

Here is a new image, made last Friday afternoon.  It was  simply gorgeous, with amazing clouds over the Sierra peaks freshly counted with a fall snow.

I was working against windy conditions, and the aspen were moving most the whole session.  I turned up my ISO so I could use a shutter speed to spot the leaf action.  This was the reason I took a few hundred frames here, which also included 7 frame brackets when including the very bright clouds.  Started using Nik’s HDR Effect today, which looks great so far.  I will post images soon.

Enjoy!  Bill

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5 Responses to “Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California 2010”

  1. kiting says:


    […]Aspen in late afternoon light, Conway Summit, California 2010 « William Neill's Light on the Landscape PhotoBlog[…]…

  2. A wonderful image of Conway Bill!

  3. Thanks Srini and Dan! I think I made my first images at Conway Summit about 30 yrs ago!

  4. If you are going to neglect your blog, make it because you are too busy making photographs!

    Lovely image of Conway. I seem to end up there at some point every fall, sometimes more than once, and the lengthy transition from green to bare trees almost always is worth it.

    Take care,


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