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Yosemite Waterfalls

May 17th, 2010

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III__TS-E90mm f/2.8__1.5 sec at f / 13__ISO 100

I am posting one of the waterfall photographs that I took on Mother’s Day in Yosemite.  It was raining as I photographed.  Using my Tilt Shift lens, I exposed three frames that I later stitched together using Photoshop CS5.  You might also enjoy seeing other panos in my Panoramic Portfolio on my web site.

This weekend, I photographed my irises and fields of lupine.  Hope to post some of them soon!



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2 Responses to “Yosemite Waterfalls”

  1. Thanks, David! Just sent out your link to my Facebook and Twitter followers… Hope it generates some action!

  2. That’s the way to get all of that waterfall in the image, a panorama. I was trying to get more of those falls in my frame last Fall but I couldn’t do it. Yours is a great image.

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