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Calla Lily Heaven

May 8th, 2010

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III__TS-E90mm f/2.8__f / 32__ISO 100

Earlier this week, I received three calla lilies to photograph.  For three days, I left them in a corner of my dining room where I have found magic light in the past (see blog post from October 2009).  I hung my every-ready black velvet on a chair behind the blossoms.  On the second day, the early morning sun glanced across this one flow.  Aiming downward, I needed f/32 and a little lens tilt to hold sharpness in the vase and flower.

Due to the wide contrast, I bracketed seven exposures that were one stop apart.  This image was made with six of those frames using Photomatix by my assistant John.  The exposure blend enabled us to show fine separation of tones in the white, nice shading in the green stems but left the background black.

I made about 700 exposures in various light, including some blurs and many 7-frame brackets, so I still have much editing to do.

Until I can polish up some more selects, I hope you enjoy this one.  Let me know your thoughts!

Cheers,  Bill

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4 Responses to “Calla Lily Heaven”

  1. 植牙價格 says:


  2. Rich W says:

    Expertly made HDR image, Bill!!!! Very nicely done. Give props to John for that. I love the composition, too. Showing the two stems on the right side, but not the flower is brilliant.

  3. Thanks for your feedback. The spotlighting effect was totally unexpected. This is the best interpretation I could come up with for what I saw!


  4. Dave Griffin says:

    First of all I like the composition and overall exposure. It is a well-executed image, but I have to admit that the bright part feels slightly odd (like a harsh highlight on an otherwise muted scene). I don’t know if it is the small image size here on the blog or just reading too much into what I’m seeing. I look forward to seeing your other interpretations.

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