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Meditations in Monochrome-Deluxe Edition

November 22nd, 2009
Meditations in Monochrome

Meditations in Monochrome

We have just launched a hardbound, Deluxe Edition of my Meditations in Monochrome portfolio. The book comes packaged with a Special Edition print, or two if you wish. This will make a great holiday gift, so we are taking orders now!

If you wish to receive the Deluxe Edition by Christmas, please order before December 10, preferably sooner.

To see the ten images available with this Edition, and sample page spreads, click here:

Meditations in Monochrome– Deluxe Edition

See two of the page spreads included here!  Enjoy.


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  3. Thomas Eriksson says:

    Hi William
    Nice graphic pictures.
    Thomas Eriksson

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